Nice to meet you!

Hi, I’m Sara-Jane, I’m an Online Business Coach and I work with entrepreneurs around the globe make the transition from the corporate world and smoothly into an Online Business world. I help them develop a fearless Mindset and give them a simple business success Strategy that guides them through the steps to take, right from the very beginning and through to taking Action. We are living in a really exciting time where there are no boundaries to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and that amazing business idea that you have buzzing around your head really can become your reality. Using the powerful combination of Mindset, Strategy, Action you can break those chains and have unstoppable success!

About Me


A little bit about me .....

I am from the North of England and I have many years experience in Corporate Management, mainly IT companies working on delivering projects both nationally and internally, sacrificing time with family and friends and working long hours. I have been in your shoes, sat at that desk, processing tasks after tasks, attending meetings and feeling very much like a number and not a person. I have felt disconnected from myself and my values, had low self esteem and didn’t know how to step out of the rat race, what to do if I did and even, how to do it. After all, I had a good job – I was lucky, right?!


Then it all changed & I was made redundant .....

I found myself with time on my hands so I travelled, read books, took some time to develop my mindset and for the first time started to really value myself. However, I knew I had to go back to work at some point and started applying for jobs in Project Management as that is where my skills lay. I found myself actually wishing and hoping that I wouldn’t be selected for an interview! I was backpacking through Asia at the time and I had discovered a whole new me and I was learning to feel comfortable with myself.

I did voluntary work in schools and orphanages, teaching English to kids who had nothing. One thing I noticed is that they always had a smile and a willingness to learn – this inspired me and humbled me at the same time. I continued with teaching throughout Asia and also in Spain. I loved helping others achieve their goals and putting in extra time to help kids and adults through their exams was a privilege. I knew that empowering others with skills and confidence to use them was my mission.


And now .....

Today – through hard work and determination, I have a successful, financial and location independent online business where I help others across the global build their own empires and develop that fearless mindset by breaking through the confidence barriers, limiting that negative self talk, creating new, lasting positive habits and guiding them through my personally developed simple business success strategy.

I truly believe that there are many shining stars out there in the world today, who are working in their day to day job and living their life the way they believe they should, but are also wondering and knowing that deep down they are capable of so much more. I am looking for that person who has an idea that will truly make a lasting difference to people or even the environment. I really do believe in you!


Why me .....? Am I for you .....?

I studied and gained a Diploma in Life coaching in 2017 to enable me to put the core principles into practise. I have a unique combination of business and people skills wrapped up with a healthy amount of straight talking and a genuine love of seeing other people succeed. I am passionate about helping others realise their self worth, this shows up in all areas off my life and you can read more about that on the charity page. I went on to study and gain a distinction in Mindfulness also and this gives me a higher understanding of emotional intelligence, self awareness, acceptance and compassion.

I am determined and focussed, sometimes a little quirky and I have my introvert side too. I am committed to supporting you and helping your realise your potential. One of my key values is simplicity – let's keep it simple is not a bad mantra to have when things get tough!! I do believe that someone out there is waiting for you and your zone of genius!


You will benefit from working with me if .....

  • You are committed to your own self development.
  • You have no idea where to start!
  • You’re up for the challenge!
  • Mindset | Strategy | Action