Helping hand for others

Not only am I passionate about helping women in business succeed, I am also passionate about supporting certain charities I have a strong affinity with.


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My chosen charity is called Greenworks Cultivating Independence. It helps adults with learning difficulties and disabilities have work in the community and a sense of purpose in their day. It is a cause that is close to my heart as my younger brother Neil has severe learning difficulties. He needs help with a lot of things in day to day life and always has, I have never known it any other way and I certainly would not change him or the water tight sibling bond that we share for anything!

Growing up with Neil has made me the person that I am today and for that I am abundant in gratitude. I know about patience and understanding, I know about the importance of someone else’s needs before your own…..always! I know about the heartbreak seeing him struggle and then the overwhelming joy and happiness when the smallest of tasks have been achieved.

For these things, I am lucky.

Neil is the main inspiration behind the desire to achieve my goals

I want to do as much as I can to always be able to support him and give him as many different life experiences as possible. Neil is an amazing person, he is happy, loving, caring and trusting - he has his comical moments too and we laugh a lot! When it all gets too much, we use our word “Fiddlesticks”

He isn’t able to work within Greenworks as he will always need that special one on one support and guidance, however, some of his friends have got a lot to offer and take pride in their work. Continued support for these organisations is what makes it possible for adults with difficulties have a good quality of life and a great experience too! By working with me, my promise to you is that a percentage of your investment will go directly to Greenworks Cultivating Independence. That way you are not only changing your own life by working with me, but are also changing the lives of many others.

Thank you! x

Greenworks Cultivating Independence is a small local charity in Barnsley, England, offering a supported employment service for people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. They work in the local community to maintain gardens and plants, grow vegetables to give to the local markets and caring for a range of livestock. Some of the work is also carried out at Cannon Hall Farm, which is an award winning tourism experience for all the family with a farm and many events through the year.

Employment for adults with learning disabilities is still a massive barrier and charities like GreenWorks Cultivating Independence are working hard to change this. They use contribution funds for equipment and occasional trips away which is important for people to learn new skills for possible employment.